Blorange hair color trend for 2017 is making waves!

If you like to follow every fashion trend as soon as it hits the market, you better check out the blorange hair color trend for 2017! Gone are the days when people stuck to blonde, brown or black hues. The fashion divas are now bringing in every hair color possible, ranging from granny greys to rosy pinks! 2017 has a new color on board, and it’s called blorange! As the name indicates, it’s an amalgamation of blonde and orange. Just think of all the combinations and styles possible!

  1. For the beginners: Not everyone can take a bold step immediately. If you’re worried about how your hair will look, you can simply dip-dye the roots blorange. This will keep you looking up-to-date with the latest style, and also keep you in the safe zone of fashion limits.
  2. The subtle look: Who said that blorange hair color trend for 2017 needs to be over the top? Using a lighter shade of orange will be more than enough to achieve a comfortable outlook. Use paler shades if you are fair skinned, while a wheat complexion will do with a slighter tangier orange.
  3. Revamp your style: Go bold. Use brighter hues of orange, intermingled with golden blondes. Not only will you be the highlight of the crowd but you shall be turning heads wherever you go!
  4. Chop them off: This look will come out even sleeker if you cut off those locks of hair. A bob cut will compliment this style more than any other hairstyle.
  5. Beach waves: The style that never goes out of business is wavy hair. Imagine the softness of blonde, gradually blending into soft orange with the gentle ripple of beach waves. Sounds amazing? Looks even more gorgeous.
  6. Highlights only: No one says that blorange hair color trend for 2017 needs to be completely over your hair. Simple streaks of blorange in your natural hair will also serve the purpose well, as well as letting you break free through the shackles of your comfort zone.
  7. Add pink: rose gold is a shade of pink that mimics the sunset. Coupled with blorange, you could be setting off a new trend of your own! Not only that, but you can add neon pink to the roots of hair, while the rest of the hair is blorange. Talk about taking it up a notch!
  8. Fuzz it up: Blorange looks great if there’s peach fuzz in the hair! Since the color is more or less like peach, a frizzy hair look seems appropriate. The best part is that you won’t even need to style it, because it is a style in itself.

Blorange is the new black; that’s the slogan that they’re carrying! Say bye to boring browns and forever blacks. Bring in a little change into your life with this new color. Not only shall you feel happy about it, but you will blend straight into the crowd of ultimate fashion. So when are you going to the parlor?

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