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5 Top 2017 hair color trends for brunettes

If a hair color is carried properly then it imparts a sizzling look. Bunetts are the women or girls have dark brown hair. Hair colors are used to increase the beauty of your look. If these are not carried properly then it can ruin your appearance. You will be the center of all eyes but in negative way. Once you know how to carry the hair color in the perfect manner then you are half way to the street of sizzling impression. Always keep in mind that hair color should be applied in the natural way. It must not look odd to your appearance. Some ideas of 2017 hair color trends for bunettes are given below.

2017 hair color trends for bunettes

1. Golden Brown hair color

If you want to attain a flattering impression then you select light brown golden color for your hair. It is suitable for all complexions and offers timeless beauty to green and blue eyes. It will offer you a youthful and radient impression to your personality. Add golden highlights and layers with chestnut brown base to your impressive look. Select champagne, taupe, brown and tans for making your eyes wider. Apply a layer of camel shadow. It will look sizzling.

2. Chocolate Brown

Deep Chocolate is the right choice for your dark brown hair. It looks quite natural. Add extra shone to your beautiful hair color. It is perfect for fair complexion. It holds the splendor of your charisma. It is an excellent way to attain soft look in a trendy way. This is the hair color that is extremely trendy and super stylish. Chocolate brown, Khaki colored shadow, grey shades and white color according to the style of you dress. You will feel like a princess in the function due to the proper use of the color for blue eyes.

3. Dark Coffee Brown

Dark brown and Dark coffee brown are the best matches. Hold you magnificence with this hair color. You will be the center of all eyes. Make your hair wavy by putting curls into it. It imparts soft and sweet look to your personality. You can add few chocolate brown overtones to it. It will bring your locks to life dynamically. It has a perfect match to offer an affluent shimmer.

4. Deep Wine red

Brunettes have blessed with dark brown hair naturally. It is the soul partner of deep red wine. It means you can do streaking of this red shade and hold the splendor of your personality. Three quarter illusion sleeves with an illusion boat-neck neckline help you to deliver the regal impression by using these colors. It completes your fairytale look.

5. Rich Espresso Brown

It is a bold and intense hair color is the best idea of 2017 hair color trends for bunettes. It is suitable for darker complexions. Streaking of two mahogany brown to the bangs is another option for brunettes. It adds erotic final touch to your hairstyle.

These trendy hair colors are highly suitable for the ladies to offer real glam.

Get Inspiration from Chestnut Brown Hair color 2017

Many people think that 2017 chestnut brown is a dull hair color but this is not true it is the most stylish shade that looks so stunning and gives a very beautiful and natural look. It is recent research that women with chestnut brown hair color are liked by most of the men. The blonde and red will not give a stunning look which you can get from chestnut brown with shades of reddish and violet. This awesome hair color has a number of tones and you will be inspired by all of them.

2017 chestnut brown

Chestnut Brown Hair color with Medium Tone

You will find that medium chestnut brown is so warm that it will give a sparkling shine to your hair under the sun. Sometimes it gives a darker shade to your hair and sometimes a light one. This just depends on the light under which you are standing. Medium shade of chestnut brown hair color will be perfect for you if the natural color of your hair is dark and you are interested in making it light. This color shade is very versatile and you will find it flexible. It will just maintain the natural charm of your hair.

Chestnut Brown Hair color with Dark Tone

Some people are more comfortable with darker shades. They do not want to have black color only for their hair. So they can make a better choice by choosing darker shades of 2017 chestnut brown. This color is so rich and the secret is that it has the ability to maintain both light and dark tone. People who dye their hair this shade always feel healthy and gives a stronger personality to them with a lot of confidence. With this hair color, you can display your beauty and complexion in a real way.

Chestnut Brown Hair color with Radish Tone

If you have a medium skin color then it is better to have a darker hair color and it will be better if it has a reddish undertone. If you want chestnut brown for your hair then you will also welcome reddish chestnut brown tone for your hair. After having this you will feel that it is such a lovely and soft hair color and it also ha some golden touch in it. If the reddish hair color will be combined with chestnut brown hair color then it will give a balanced effect to your warm and medium skin complexion.

Chestnut Brown Ombre and Chestnut Brown Highlights

If you give ombre or highlight effect to your hair with chestnut brown color both techniques will look stunning. No matter you have short or long hair playing with this color will always be good for your looks. It will make you more attractive and sophisticated. You can layer your hair to get a stunning touch. Also, it will give a celebrity like feeling and charm. Instead of getting inspiration from these celebrities you can get a trendy look at your own with this chestnut brown ombre and highlights technique. Do anything with this color to keep your natural look.

The elegant ecaille hair color trend for 2017

Hair color was the focal of attention since an individual opens up his eyes. Initially, some natural herbs were used as a hair color like senna, amla, and turmeric. Later on, these hair colors were modified into more unique and versatile form. It catches the attention of the people around the world because it leaves a great impact on the overall look of a person. Hairstyle actually changes the entire look of a person but putting on a suitable hair color over that style could make it more fascinating. Certain techniques were established in order to facilitate people who are interested in getting a unique hair color. Ecaille is one of such hair color technique which was present since old times but its trend never disappears till 2017. The ecaille hair color trend for 2017 is still an emerging one, as it highlights the natural look of an individual and makes the hairs enticing for people around.

ecaille hair color trend for 2017

What is the reason behind the popularity of ecaille hair color trend for 2017?

The major reason behind its popularity is precision in the technique. The experts believe that the ecaille hair color technique is a freehand technique that does not need any hard and fast rules. The experts applied it with a soft hand that gives a fascinating blend effect to the hair, they actually highlight the natural movement of the hair.

Types of ecaille hair

The ecaille hair color trend for 2017 emerges with different styles. Some of them are listed below:

  • Soft ecaille hair

This soft ecaille hair is more appropriate for ladies having wavy hairs. If they want to add some dimension to those waves then ecaille technique would be the best for them, as it highlights the softness of the curly hair.

  • Copper ecaille hair

Some people wants to get a natural copper look to their hairs, the ecaille trend would work well for them. This actually gives a redhead effect to the hairs.

  • Platinum ecaille hair

It works well for every sort of hairs. If an individual has grey hairs and he wants to give it attractive looks but do not know the exact way to enhance then he could opt for platinum ecaille hair technique without doubting it. It actually brings light to the dark complexion and highlights the features.

The ecaille hair trend for 2017 is an ever growing hair trend, as millions of people are opting it.

Best balayage hair for 2017

The first thing which an individual should know before putting on any hair color is to know thoroughly about that particular hair color. Every individual wants to get them updated about the latest trends of hair colors or style. There are certain factors which have to be considered before brushing the hairs with a particular dye like the skin tone, the face shape or eye color. Each year bring with itself many latest styles and fashion. The year 2017 has also arrived with millions of unique hairstyle or hair color trend. Balayage hair is an ever-growing hair color that emerges with many new styles. The balayage hair for 2017 includes many such hair colors that give a natural touch to the hairs.

Best balayage hair for 2017

What does balayage mean?

The word balayage has its emergence in France which actually means to paint or to sweep something over. It is a natural looking hair color which is similar to the birth hair color. It is actually a modified form of a natural color with some softer lines.

Balayage hair for 2017 is not a traditional one!

In the past era, people used to dye their hairs without concerning about the skin tone or face shape. However, the balayage hair for 2017 is quite different from a traditional one. The balayage expert applied it precisely after a thorough examination of the skin tone with balayage hair color. It is sometimes also known as a freehand technique because no strategies are needed to create these highlights.

Balayage for longer appointments

The balayage hair does not require a lot of maintenance and setting. If an individual is trapped in some long-term appointments and she is worried about her hairstyle then she must not be wearing a balayage hair color. With just a little care, the balayage hair is maintained for a longer time.

Balayage for all hair types!

The balayage highlights are suitable for all hair types from darkest to the lightest ones. On the one hand, it works on the dark hair and beautifies it with some light-colored highlights while on the other hand, the lighter color hair is beautified with the darker highlights. Balayage works on hairs with different lengths except for the shortest ones.

The versatility of balayage makes it the most popular hair trend of the upcoming year. Moreover, the balayage hair for 2017 is an ever-growing trend among celebrities.

Balayage Technique For Tiger Eye” Hair Colors For 2017

Balayage technique is a special phenomenon of applying hair colors. It gives a natural and soft look to the hairs. It is the French word that means to sweep or paint. It is the technique in which the hair dye is applied to the hairs in lines or streaks form.  There is no spreading of the color throughout the hair. Tiger eye hair colors are in trend nowadays. The name tiger eye is not due to the shades present on animals but it depicts the gemstone shades. These shades are red, gold, brown, bronze, caramel and copper. These dyes are vibrant and lustrous. The application of these colors through Balayage technique gives the shiny, warm and gorgeous blend.

Balayage Technique For Tiger Eye” Hair Colors For 2017

Tiger eye hair colors: a technique to apply

In order to apply any dye, the hairdresser follows following steps to give the natural impact to the hairs.

Purchasing a correct dye

There are a number of brands available in the market. As the hairs are sensitive it is important to purchase the right brand so that it will not cause any harm to the hair or skin.

Balayage technique

The next step is the application of the dye. This technique is now in trend. The hairdresser applies dye on the hair in the way that there is saturation on tips while the rest of head has a color that gives softer look instead of harsh highlights. There is no need to use foil, it is the free hand dye technique.

Test dye

It is a good idea before applying a dye on the whole head. It gives an indication how the color will develop on hair. As well as sometimes, the chemical present in dye cause an allergic reaction. To overcome this issue, the person can apply dye on few hair strands to check either the dye suits on the head skin or not. As there are different shades present in tiger eye hair dye type so it is good if one check the dye suits on the face tone or not.

Making section of hairs

Balayage technique is an organic and free hand phenomenon. Although no special way is present but making hair section can help in the uniform painting of the hairs. The section procedure depends on that how thick the hair volume is present. For heavy hairs divide into three portions while for thin volume two portions are enough.

Dye application

After making portions, the person starts applying with small strands so that there is a uniform merging of the dye on the hairs. After the complete dye application, the color is allowed to dry and then wash to get the cool new hair color and style.

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