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Ponytails hairstyles with bangs are the new in thing

If you’re looking to completely revamp your look this 2017, why not try some Ponytails hairstyles with bangs. Ponytails are always in the fashion industry owing to their amazing characteristics. Not only are they easy to make, but you get to keep the hair out of your face on a hot summer day! They are perfect for a job interview as they make you look sleek. Also, they look cute as ever on a friend’s birthday party! Whether it is day or night, ponytails will be your best friend.

  1. Up high: to make a ridiculously cute yet sassy ponytail with bangs, simply sweep up all your hair into a high ponytail. The bangs will fall over your forehead to complete the look. This approach works great in the office hours due to its compactness.
  2. Down low: Looking for a softer look? Make a ponytail starting from the nape of your neck and let it fall down to your backbone, while the bangs compliment your forehead again. This looks simple yet elegant if you’re going out with friends.
  3. Tease it all: If you’re thinking of making a statement, you can tease the hair on the top of your head to create a massive hairdo. Wrap it up in a ponytail, and let the bangs fall to the side of your head. A wedding to attend? This is the most gorgeous look to execute.
  4. Curl it all: Curls are a way to make sure you are noted in the crowd. Put on a simple ponytail with bangs, but make sure that your hair is curled all the way. It adds volume to the hair, making it look more than it really is and also adds a touch of womanhood.
  5. Maybe some gel: Some women don’t like to make their hair too prominent. Perhaps you want people to notice your eyes more, or compliment your dress. In that case, a ponytail will hide your hair especially if you apply gel on it to make it sleeker and stiffer.
  6. Central parting: Is it prom night? You can make a ponytail, part your hair in between and also part your bangs to the sides. The best part about this look is that you add glitter to the parting which is the latest fashion trend heading your way!
  7. The messy look: casual date night with your special one can be made more adorable, if you make a messy ponytail. It’s fairly easy to do because you simply have to loosen your ponytail and pull out a few strands to fall over your face lightly!
  8. Accessorize: your simple ponytail with bangs can be made super trendy by the addition of accessories. Pin a flower behind your ear for the sixties look? If you want to look cute, a bow would do great! Patterned and colorful hairbands as well as pearly headpieces immediately glam up your look.


So what are you waiting for? Go up to your mirror and start trying out each one of these wonderful looks!

Blue hair colors for 2017 suit to Blue Eyes

Hair color is an important item that is used to enhance the allure of your makeover. There are many hair colors for blue eyes. You must be careful in using the colors if you have colored eyes other than black and brown. Some colors are perfect for blue eyes and make them irresistible by allowing you a pretty look. The choice of colors is extremely amazing according to your eye-color as well as your outfit. There is a wide variety of blue hair color for 2017 available in the market that is used to make you shimmering and appealing.

blue hair color for 2017

Option of Blue hair color for 21017 suits to blue eyes

For enhancing the magic of blue eyes diverse shades are used. However, some shades are much better in plying up or bring out the real magic of the blue eyes. For offering an extraordinary intensity and making you a standout beauty these shades of blue hair color are perfect for your blue eyes. Focus on some points while selecting the hair color such as hair color, skin tone and style of the outfit. Blue eyes have a perfect match with dark brown hair, as well as the blonde. It is one of the best ways to get a sizzling look.

1. Blue Ombre

For getting an unflattering image the blue ombre shade is a perfect match for you. For providing a perfect match to your blue eyes it pops your beauty. Do not wear neon or bright orange shade. Choose rust, bronze, coral, peach and copper in dress.

2. Blue natural color

The beautiful color is special to give you a style on your special day.  The stunning blue shade is sure to radiate the romance. It continues in forming an effluent sparkle to enhance the modern impact of your pretty look. Use orange shade and wear delicate lace bodice is ideal for producing the impact of natural beauty with orange shades. The long crepe skirt with trumpet bottom is the ultimate fashionable style. The chapel train offers glamour to your elegant gait.

3. Blue and light purple hair color

The diverse shades make you more fabulous. Use midnight or deep blue, purple, violet, pale pink shades, pale to medium blue, teal, hazel, green, and turquoise in outfit. All eyes at you because these shades are amazing with an alluring hair color.

4. Dark blue to Light Blue Ombre

It is one of the best hair colors from the collection of blue hair color for 2017. It looks super stylish that your blue hair gives hot look to your appearance. The chic hair color adds a perfect romantic touch to your bold look. Matching eye shadow will enhance your beauty.

5. Ice Blue Ombre

It is an obsession of modern ladies. With blue eyes it casts spell all around. It is a fit color combination for a snow queen. It offers light blue shade, light grey shade and dark shade. It is one of the best shades that are in demand with blue eyes.

Midnight-blue hair colors for 2017

When there is a need to give an attractive look to the hairs by coloring them with different colors then no one can negate the presence and domination of the midnight blue hair colors. Midnight blue hair colors for 2017 are one of the masterpieces whose domination can never be negated. The blue shade appears like a stormy ocean within the black shade. One of the most alluring thing about this color is its best outlook and attractive appearance which can attract anyone. The main advantage of using the midnight blue hair color is that it suits all the skin complexions. The addition of more blue based purple is highly recommended to the women with cool skin tone. On the other hand, for warmer skin tone, yellow-based green is best to employ.

Midnight-blue hair colors for 2017

Midnight blue hair concepts

1. Midnight-blue hair

It is one of the best choices of the women who actually have medium hair strands to look incredible by shading them with midnight blue color. These incredible blueish strands look flattering with the smoother appearance. The glossy blue shades look complementary with brown shades of the eyes. No matter which color do your eyes possess, these midnight blue hair strands always look fabulous and can attract anyone with midnight-blue hair colors for 2017

A number of famous celebrities have shown their appearance with midnight blue hairs. The gorgeous blue shades with a hint of purple are the enticing combination for all cool skin complexions.

2. Midnight blue ringlets

This midnight blue ringlets are best for almost all types of skin complexions. When it comes to the dark skin complexions, there is nothing more charming and enticing than attaining a midnight blue ringlets.everything about midnight blue ringlets is amazing. To attain this appearance, just make the ringlets of the shaded midnight blue hairs.

3. Blue highlights on dark hairs

It is also not necessary to keep yourself bound to full blue when there is an option of pulling off your hair highlights. Well, these highlights keep themselves prominent when appearing in contrast with some natural dark strands. This look displays a gorgeous appearance and stands you out in a dense crowd. You can give a finishing touch with some sumptuous waves.

4. Blue ombre hair

For a bit bold and an attractive look, add purple color in the roots. The amalgamation of blue and purple colors work really good. It is also a modern ombre hairstyle with the fascinating color combination with midnight-blue hair colors for 2017.


Smokey lilac hair trends are taking place of simple pastel colors. Like the change in dressing trends the hair color and shades are also changing with time. The new generation needs special color effects on hair to look unique and stylish. The color has variations and applied in different forms to give a beautiful impression.  Smokey lilac hair is the mixture of gray and purple shades. The presence of two colors with the natural hair color provides the beauty to the personality. Young girls prefer to have this dye because it gives them new stylish look. The boys are also preferring to have these shades on hair as well as some highlights on beards also. Some of the latest trends for this special hair color is as following.


Just a hint

Different ladies like a different look. Some like to apply the dye on complete hairs while other wants just a hint or touch. In this case, the smoky lilac color is present on the tips of the hair with the rest of hair with natural tone. So some purple shade with the black natural hair color simply makes the personality stunning and amazing.

Curly locks

The girl with the curly hair can make herself stylish by adding the shade of lilac smoke color on the spirals of the hair. This gives an elegant look to the hair due to double shades of the hairs. No hair color is present on roots. This tie and die curls increase the confidence and style in the personality.

Mixing with other colors

Sometimes there is an issue that either the shade will suit or not. To get rid of this query one can mix with other shade or have alternative hue to get a more prominent look. Usually, the blue color is combined with lilac shades to make hair look beautiful.


Highlights are another idea of shading the hairs. Although of this type, there is not the complete dyeing of hair. The expert dyes few strands of the hairs to accent the personality.

Purple plaits

In this type, there are various trends are present all together that is with the purple shades, braids and curls are present for styling up the hair look.

Smokey ombre

It is the mixture of light and dark shades. In this case, the top of the head is dark while the light shade is present on the bottom parts.

The proper application of the lilac smokey hair dye is important so it is better to get the hair variation through an expert who has complete knowledge of hair dye application and its handling.

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