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Volume-enhancing perm hairstyles for 2017

Perm hairstyles for 2017 are soft and wavy. They surely add volume to the hair and add super curly spirals. Perms are back in fashion with summer and sprig 2017 hairstyles. If you want to add, volume and look cute then try out the inspiring perms. These hairstyles look exciting if accompanied with highlighted tones including brunette and bronde. Look fabulous than ever with fine perm hair.


  • Ruffled perm styles


Perms add volume to thin hair and look gorgeous if you style them in a ruffled bob. The bob cut needs to be not more than chin. Giving shape to a thin and long face is ideal. The face will look wider with the extra volume of hair. Make sure to cut the diagonal fringe in front of the forehead. The hairstyle will also help to hide the extra facial length.


  • Spiral perm with dual highlights


The lovely combination of brown and blonde will add an extra dimension. The lively permed style is very sophisticated and adds fabulous shade with highlighting. It suits the face of square, heart and oval shape. You can achieve this style in log hair as well and style them in different ways it is perfect to wear the style on formal or informal parties.


  • Frizzy perm


If your personality is also fizzy, then overflow your emotions with the crazy frizzy hair texture. The permed hairstyle looked gorgeous and caused hair to become dry. However, you can use various hair products to keep the effect of perm for longer and get a smooth texture.


  • Bridal perm


If the length of your hair is extra-long, then you can add perm in an elegant way for a prom or wedding. They look great if hair is shaded or highlighted with purple and blonde color. The loose perm is perfect for summer and spring.


  • Goldilocks curls


If the texture of hair is curly, then fine spiral perm hairstyle looks well. Just condition your hair and stop using bleach to get a perm because it will dry out your hair. However, you can use olive oil for best effect. Curly golden hairstyle will add volume as well width to hair. It suits the square face and oval shape.


  • Afro-corkscrew hairstyle blonde highlights


It is one of the most demanding perm hairstyles for 2017. The Afro-corkscrew is popular and needs to be carefully layered to create face frame of the spiral. It covers the forehead and reduces the length of the long face.

So try out these amazing styles to enhance your appearance.

Hair Color Ideas for spring 2017

Due to the introduction of new hair colors in the market, the fashion industry is getting many new ideas to color hair strands. Here in this article, you will find many hair colors for spring 2017. All these ideas are new and they are attracting the heart of many celebrities and local women. You just have to read below to get these interesting ideas.

hair colors for spring 2017

Silver Ombre and Ash Blonde Hair Colors

It is the cherished desire of most of the women around the world to have both blonde and silver hair colors. The charm of these two colors attracts then so much. As there are thousands of hair color specialists so these colors are gaining outrageous popularity. They look very sweet and adorn. Most of the women want to have dark roots and light tips. The best thing is that you can do anything to have natural dark roots and light tips.

Experimenting Burgundy Ombre Hair Color

No doubt Burgundy Ombre is one of the best hair colors for spring 2017. The burgundy red color will look very sexy and will give a reflective result. For those who want to get the maximum sunlight, it will be an excellent thing. It is the greatest thing to consider Burgundy for Ombre Technique. Yet you can choose several different options ranging from neon to amazing Mahogany.

Dark base colors always give vitality to your hairstyle. An amazing idea is to use dark cherry chocolate color at the base and ending up with deep cherry streaks. You can use loose ringlets at the left and back. If you will do it perfectly this hair color and style will look flawless.

Blue Hair Color Ideas

If you are fed up with traditional hair color then you can check some blue hair color ideas. Having this color need a lot of courage because you will never get the original strands back in monotones. It will be a good idea to combine dark shades with light shades to get a perfect hairstyle. The combination of blue with other colors like pink, purple and green will look amazing. You can mix this color with your natural blonde hair color.

This color technique will go bet for both light and dark skin completions. It will give a glowing spark to your eyes also. This color can be achieved with both permanent and temporary hair dyes. Go and add aqua blue waves to your hair strands to rock the world.

Platinum Blonde and White Hair Colors

White blonde hair colors will provide a super light hair color as a result. Most of the smart women having undertone skin choose platinum blonde and white hair color. These two colors will enhance your dirty blonde hair color and give you a brighter look overall. They are so cool shades that they will never make you look plain and boring at all. It’s totally your choice to use them as solid or to apply them as the highlight. You can also do Ombre technique with these two colors.

A simple guide to emo haircuts for short hair

We want to follow every new trend and style. The young girls, as well as boys, are seen very much interested in following the latest trends. Nowadays, emo haircuts are one of the most fabulous and emerging hairstyles. This is one of the haircuts which gives you an instant funky look. These sorts of hairstyles help to change your personality within few minutes and win funkiness. All girls and boys are seen following this trend. If you also want to have a totally different look, you must try emo haircuts. There are three different sorts of emo cuts, for instance, short emo cuts, medium emo cuts as well as long emo cuts. For all the ladies who think emo hairstyles are really very difficult to adopt for them who have short hairs, it is not like that but the reality is really opposite. There are also lots of different emo haircuts for short hair. Actually, the fact is that if you want to have a funky and incredible look within no time, you must try emo haircuts for short hair, which are discussed below:

emo haircuts for short hair

Rainbow haircut for short hair

In this emo haircut, you use the color pattern of a rainbow. It gives an amazing and funky look to you. For all the ladies having a colorful personality and you want your haircut to match your personality, this haircut is the best option for you. To get the bright shade of every color, you will need to bleach all of your hairs in the lightest possible color. The last but not the least advice is that don’t forget to condition for maintaining shine and good health of your hairs.

Slate blue emo haircut for short hair

This is one of the attractive hairstyles and the most attractive feature of this haircut is that you have an amazing color shade i.e. slate blue on the top of your head. For all the ladies having light blue eyes, this haircut will give you n appealing as well as supreme look.

Red pixie cut for short hairs

If you don’t like too much maintenance for your hairs, these hairstyles are one of the best options for you. The violet, as well as red highlight with the brown base, gives you an incredible look.

Green emo haircut for short hair

This is the sort of emo haircut which is a heroic choice for the reason that you have all over green hairs but it looks astonishing. But this requires lots of maintenance as the green fades quickly.

Short purple haircut with highlights for short hairs

This is one of the very versatile emo haircuts. With little teasing and pomade, you can successfully have the best emo look with this haircut.

So, of you are bored of having the same sort of hairstyle and need a different look, you must try emo haircuts and especially if you have short hairs, all the haircuts defined above are the best options for you. It is not necessary to follow that exact haircut as given, but you create your own merely by getting an idea from the guide. So, have an amazing look with incredible emo haircuts and look different.

Bowl Haircuts for females 2017

Bowl haircuts were considered as boring and tiring but then they were installed on the heads of some very famous personalities and people started appreciating them.  So in 2017 bowl haircuts has made a great comeback. No matter what is the style and shape Bowl haircuts for 2017 will always give a valiant declaration. In this year you will find these haircuts with awesome shades, some undercuts and they will look more fabulous if you try some hair accessories with them. In this article, you are going to read the improved and enhanced version of bowl haircuts.

Bowl Haircuts Inspired with Retro

You can give an awesome look to yourself with this hairstyle. It has some delicate lines and the texture of this haircut is very smooth. With your black hair, you can give a very fine outline. On the fringe, you can give a high cut. This haircut will look amazing in the women who have the perfect features of their face.

Pixie and Spiky Bowl Haircut

Many hairstylists have a view that most of their clients want to have some messy haircuts. This Bowl haircut for 2017 is just according to their needs. It is very bold to wear. It will give you a desired messy appearance. It has a short border and under the bob, it is shaved slightly. No doubt you will get a great rock star look with this spiky haircut. This hairstyle is perfect for women with a restless nature and for those who have little time to style their hair.

Green Bowl Rocker Haircut

If you introduce any color in your hairstyle it will just give a new life to it and will look stunning. No matter you are coloring your hair with any bold or classy color it will just give an elegant look. In this haircut, the green highlights are giving more boldness and features to the bob. As we all know that green is a bold color so it always grabs others attention. So the truth is that you can never be wrong in your haircut if you color them brightly.

Experience Pastel Bowl Haircut

This is a very simple haircut but beware don’t let it make you fool. This haircut has some geometric haircuts and it has loose borders. It has split tips to give more texture to the haircut. Wearing this haircut will make you prominent in the gathering. From the back, this haircut is slightly shaved that ends up to the neck. If you want to have this Hairstyle then make it happens with a very professional hairstylist. Its simple yet difficult to cut.

Bowl Haircut with Some Purple Highlights

 It looks like a boyish hairstyle but it will look amazing when you add some feminine touch in it. It has a high cut done in purple and some edgy features that come on your forehead. The purple color will give a stylish feminine look to your features. The messy hairs on the top are colored darker and same is at the back. All this give you an amazing overall look.

The best rainbow balayage hair colors for 2017

When an individual goes to a salon in order to get her hairs dye with some unique style, then the first ever style that catches his attention is balayage dye method. This technique actually consists of painting the appropriate color onto the hair in order to achieve the sun-kissed strands. This technique emerges with many new styles and people of every age group try it on. This style includes the soft line of demarcation that fades evenly as the hair grows out. Many hairdressers are getting expertise in balayage technique, as it is emerging in the entire world. The balayage technique comes with many versatile designs that are suitable for both older and younger individuals. The most popular one among youngster are the rainbow balayage hair colors for 2017, as they want to get a classy and unique look in the community.

rainbow balayage hair colors for 2017

Rainbow balayage hair colors for 2017 are suitable for curly hairs!

Most of the hair colors do not suit the curly hairs and it makes the curly hair people worried about their outer look. However, an individual can embrace his curls with rainbow hair colors. The rainbow hair color includes several hues such as blue, purple, orange, red, and yellow. This balayage hair color actually highlights the frizzy hairstyle with a unique effect. Youngsters of every community are taking advantage of this fascinating multi-colors style. This trick entices to most of the people having curly rough hairs.

What is required for rainbow balayage hair colors?

The most important thing which is required for rainbow balayage hair color is the motivation to look unique. If an individual found this inspiration then he would definitely search for an expert who has good experience of putting on rainbow balayage hair color. Furthermore, if an individual wants to get a natural dreamy look and grab the attention of the people in his surrounding then none other than rainbow balayage hair colors could satisfy him.

The balayage hair colors as a multidimensional hairstyle!

There are certain hair colors that restrict the people to a particular hairstyle. However, the balayage hair colors are molded into any appropriate hairstyle. These vibrant hues allow an individual to show off the hair in different styles. Not only an open hair style and a bun hairdo can also prominent the rainbow hair color. The rainbow balayage hair colors for 2017 are eye-catching for youngsters of every community.

Short layered hair for 2017

No one can deny this fact that the shape and look of our hairs plays an important part in defining our looks. In different countries, the beauty and its standards consummate the shape, size, and color of the hairs. That’s why special care becomes the prime advice for maintaining the freshness and outlook of the hairs.

Modern trends have now given the new options of attaining a fashionable look. The short layered hair is becoming popular for various reasons. Light weight and ease to maintain them in original look are some prominent reasons behind its popularity.

You can go for the short layered hairs in different styles. Among other hair styles, there is also a wide range of short layered hairstyle. Some most popular and trendy short layered hairstyles are mentioned below.

Short layered hair for 2017

1. Light brown ombre bob short layered hair

This short layered hairstyle is best for attaining a beautiful and trendy look. The light brown ombre bob hairstyle can be attained by the implementation of the mixture of dark and light brown. The few black layered hairs help to keep the tresses out of the face.

2. Blonde boy cut

This is one of the updated pixie-cut. This cut allows the very short hairs on the base which are brushed forward. The front quiff which adds height for flattering a single round make this short layered more trendy and gives it a smart look. Moreover, the contemporary finishing touch is pinky-beige root along with silver blonde tips.

3. Graduated bob with brown layers and blonde highlights

This short layered hairstyle is most popular and give prominent results when applied to super thick hairs. To give a “bouffant” look, shorter layers towards to the middle of the back are added. This hairstyle completes with the addition of some light brown layers. At the end, the blonde ones are kept at the top of them.

4. Loose waves bob along with three-tone colors

Loose waves bob short layered hairs with the amalgamation of the three different shades is the best hairstyle to attain in 2017. This short layered hairstyle gives a thicker appearance than it actually is. Moreover, the natural look is a plus point in attaining this hairstyle.

5. Short A-Line hair cut with copper-colored choppy boobs

You must go for this short layered hairstyle if you want to have a shorter hairstyle which is not super short. This hairstyle is best for thick straight hairs.

Awesome Hairstyle Trends 2017 for Female

Do you want to keep you up to date with the latest hairstyle 2017 female? This article will cover major hair style trends that will be famous in the year 2017. Many fashion shows have revealed hundreds of hairstyles that will represent the trend in 2017. Just read below and know all these latest hairstyle trends.

hairstyle 2017 female?

Side Swept Hairstyle Trend

Side swept is the most frequently used feature for hairstyle 2017 female. Many models are adopting this hairstyle in fashion shows. Many fashion brands are experimenting with side swept hairstyle to create different looks for different face shapes and textures.

Braiding Hairstyles

The popularity of Braids will continue in the coming year and we can enjoy the imaginative braiding styles. These braiding hair styles keep on delighting us each year. Braids and pigtails have unique nice twists. Many fashion shows are now having models with nice pigtails and models closing the shows with large braids. Braiding can be done with side swept styles and many French braids are using scarves, ribbons, laces to feature big fashion brands.

Hairstyles with Wet Look

Many of the males and females are adopting this hairstyle. The combed back hair will give an out-of-shower look. It is an ultra modern hairstyle 2017 female. Top fashion brands like Lanvin are having it. You will be amazed how popular this hairstyle would be but you can do it by applying some hair gel and combing straight back from forehead.

Pony Tails

Ponytail like many years before will keep its place in 2017 as one of the best hairstyle. You can make it having all types of face shapes and personal hairstyles. An evening ponytail will look stunning if it has long bubbles. For casual looks, you can make a messy ponytail and you will love to this funky idea. You can add different textures and colors to your ponytail.

Hair with Curls

You will look elegant with short hairstyles having curls. Hair can be given a side part with hair brushed towards the face on the left side and it is brushed back to expose the stylish earrings. Take perfect products to manage your hair perfectly. Curly twists look so cool whenever you wear them. They take the extra volume and look fancy. If you are searching for a hairstyle that which gives an outstanding texture, then finger coils are the excellent ideas.

Haircut for teenage girls for 2017

The New Year has come along with new haircuts to give you a fashionable look. Trendy and the most admiring haircuts for teenage girls for 2017 are as following.

Teenage messy updos

You can get effortless messy updos within no time. If you are a teenage girl and looking for a fresh haircut, then messy updos haircut is there for you. You will not find any other trendy haircut so natural looking as messy updos. Girls who have quite less time for managing their hairs are highly recommended to have messy updos haircut. It is easy to manage the messy updos without prominent effort. Just make the look natural within 3 minutes.

Haircut for teenage girls for 2017

Half up half down haircut

One of the most fascinating and subtle hairstyles of 2017 is half up half down hairstyle. You can employ this hairstyle without worrying about your age. This hairstyle suits the women of all age especially teenage girls. This impressive haircut is also one of the highly recommended and impressive hairstyle for teenage girls.  For women who always intend to attend the formal meetings and parties, this half up half down haircut brings the true beauty and soothe along with classy appearance.

Bow curly half-updo Haircut for teenage girls for 2017

Bow curly half-updo haircut is best to attain a girlish look along with enhanced beauty and natural look. This cute curly half-updo haircut possesses the quality of more feminine. The glamorous bow and the semi-updo haircut is best when you are going to attend birthday parties. This bow curly half-updo haircut is best to attain for different occasions without worrying about the natural look. If you are a teenage girl with long thick hairs, then attain a more feminine look with bow curly half-updo haircut.

Fishtail Haircut for teenage girls for 2017

Many young girls who wish to have a natural appearance usually go for braided hairstyles which are easy to maintain and can be managed quickly. At the same time, the addition of beauty is one of the major factors which forces young girls to attain the most feminine appearance without diminishing the beauty of the hairs with this haircut. If you are a teenage girl and have long hair, then just maintain them as they are. The beauty of your long hairs is unique and must be maintained by timely trimming. Short bob haircut is best for the teenage girls who have thick hairs and want to give them an attractive look.

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