2017 Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Every woman wishes to have shiny and impressive hairstyles on the prom. You will find many prom hairstyles for long hair. You can choose to up do your hair with a braid. No doubt there are many ideas to make your prom hairstyle more attractive to get more head turns. To enhance them more you can use hair accessories such as ribbons, diamond pins, flowers, and feathers. Do not forget to apply hair spray to make your prom hair style last long. In this article, you are going to see some elegant prom hairstyles for 2017.

Side Updo with a Braid

This is a very cute up do hairstyle for casual occasions. From the top, it has a loose braid which is adding more coolness and fun to the overall look of the hairstyle. To make it more attractive you can use some shiny pins, weave holes and fresh flowers.

Cute Curly Prom Hairstyle for Long Hair

This is a very simple hairstyle with awesome twists inside and resting on the back. It will give you a very charming look. The shiny pins used to hold the hairstyle will make it more elegant and trendy. It will give an eye-catching effect on proms.

A cute Simple Curly Prom Hairstyle

This is a very sexy and cute hairstyle for long hair. You can wear it to be more attractive at prom. The perfect curls will give you hair a bouncy effect and they will increase the volume of your hair. The fun with twists on the top will make it more trendy and stylish. To keep it fresh for longer period of time you can use more bobby pins and a good hair spray.

The Romantic Updo for Weave Hair  

This is a very romantic and classy hairstyle and it will just look like a piece of art on your head. You will be noticed a lot at any prom if you adopt this hairstyle. It is an ideal hairstyle for long hair. No doubt little more tie and effort is required to make it in a perfect way. You can get the help of a friend or a family member to make it easily.

The Side Braid Prom Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the long braid is made with a slight angle to give it more uniqueness and special look. The side hair is twisted in very loose curls by resting them on the shoulder.

Hair Colors for Thin Hair for 2017

Every woman wants to have a perfect hair color to look more stylish. Having thin hair is really a big problem. In this case, you want a hair color that is able to hide the visible roots of your hair and to give them a volumes and fuller look. You have to make careful decision to choose the right hair color for your thin hair and also a color that matches your skin tone. In this article, you will find some hair color tips that will make you thin hair more elegant and incredible.

Experimenting with Dark Hair Colors

The best way is to dye your hair with any darker shade of black and brown. This is a god technique and is adopted by ladies who have natural dark locks. It will make your hair more shiny and fresh. Doing this will completely hide your roots and it will give a full effect. You can choose any darker shade of brown and black like chocolate, espresso, and coffee colors. If you apply monotone hair color then it will be better as compared to applying two tone hair colors. Regular touch-ups are required to maintain the shine of the hair.

The Incredible Red Color for Thin Hair

Same like brown and black, when we talk about the red color you also need to choose dark colors. Some most beautiful options for thin hair can be auburn, dark copper color, and Burgundy. They are very rich color and they will provide fullness and volume to your hair. These shades of red are very eye-catching and they can make your hair styles more incredible. It is better to use after color conditioners and color protection shampoos to maintain the health of hair after dye.

Applying Light Hair Colors for Thin Hair

Light hair colors always highlight the thinness of your hair but these are many tricks with which you can make your hair look fuller. The thin effect is more visible on top of heads in the roots. You can dye hair roots darker and the ends with a light color. A clear example is below in the picture.

Highlights and Thin Hair

For thin hair, it is the most beneficial technique. You can do all types of slicing colors. You can give a modern touch to your hair by choosing some complementing tones. No doubt highlights serve as a great weapon to hide the thinness of your hair.

Ash Brown Hair Colors for 2017

As brown is a very natural and soft hair color so it has thousands of shades. In this article, we are going to find hottest ash brown hair colors for 2017. Most of the people thing that gives an impressive feminine looks so; they consider many shades of brown color.

Light Ash Brown Hair Color for 2017

Before choosing any hair color the first question that comes to our mind is that does it really suit us? How it will look on our skin tone. These are the most important questions and they should be researched well before applying any hair color. If you are planning to dye your hair with light ash brown hair color then don’t worry. This color will meet all of your preferences and it will also give an impressive look.


Your Skin Tone and Light Ash Brown Color

When you are going to match any color with your skin tone then you always choose the one that suits your skin tone best. It also very important to consider your eye color before choosing a choosing any shade of ash brown. In this way, we are going to find out shade will look more impressive and sophisticated. Light ash brown colors always compliment your skin tone and if you have some reddish or bluish undertones then this color will be your best option.

Ash Brown the Richest Color

Ash brown is one of the richest shades of ash brown. All the women who have a reddish hair color always replace it with ash brown color. They always remember their skin tone and eye color. You are very lucky if your natural hair color is ash brown.

The Greenish Pigment in Ash Brown Color

Some people have noticed that there is a green pigment in ash brown hair color. If you also have this pigment then this is not suitable for you. As per expert view, ash brown is the best color for all those who have pink skin color. Lucky are you if your natural skin color is pink. All the girls whose natural skin tone is olive or tanned, they should opt for the darker shades of brown color.

Always consider the natural hair color before choosing any shade of ash brown. If you have blonde or other light shades then it is better to choose light shades of ash brown. Perfect brown hair color must be replaced with dark shades of ash brown.

Long Hairstyles for Mature Women for 2017

Some women choose a hairstyle that they don’t want to change for a long period of time. But it is very boring and plain to have a fixed hairstyle for a long period of time. In this article, you will get the idea about some of the long hairstyles for mature women for 2017. By wearing these hairstyles you will completely get a new look and you will feel more fresh and energetic. No doubt you will get a younger and hot look.

The Natural Rocking Long Curls

All the women with the age 50 will rock to have long hair strands. To keep them in a better shape some good products are required like conditioners and shampoos. All these are available in the market. All the women who have natural waves in their hair will love to demonstrate them openly. If you want more enhancements in your curls then you can give those highlights of different color.

Half Do Up for Mature Ladies

This hair style is so incredible because you can wear it both on casual and formal occasions. You can wear this hairstyle even in your office. You can also add curls below the updo. A lot of bobby pins are required for this hairstyle and you also need a good hairspray to keep this hair style in good position for a long time

The Amazing Chignon

This hairstyle is great for ladies if they love to attend the parties. This hair style will always be considered as trendy. This hair style is both for young and mature ladies. Wearing the classy lower bun will be a great comment for you if you have not tried this hairstyle before. Some ladies consider it outdated and they think it gives a very conservative look but it is not so. It enhances your looks to most extents.

The Milkmaid Braided Hairstyle

All the middle aged women and aged women will appreciate this hair style. You can make this hairstyle even if your hair is thin. You don’t have to refresh this hairstyle after some time as it will look good even in a messy position.

Braid with a Low Bun

This is an amazing updo for all the mature women with long hair. It will enhance your feminine look and you will look more energetic and hot. The low bun with a twisted braid will definitely give you a new look even it is messed up.

Hair Color Ideas for spring 2017

Due to the introduction of new hair colors in the market, the fashion industry is getting many new ideas to color hair strands. Here in this article, you will find many hair colors for spring 2017. All these ideas are new and they are attracting the heart of many celebrities and local women. You just have to read below to get these interesting ideas.

hair colors for spring 2017

Silver Ombre and Ash Blonde Hair Colors

It is the cherished desire of most of the women around the world to have both blonde and silver hair colors. The charm of these two colors attracts then so much. As there are thousands of hair color specialists so these colors are gaining outrageous popularity. They look very sweet and adorn. Most of the women want to have dark roots and light tips. The best thing is that you can do anything to have natural dark roots and light tips.

Experimenting Burgundy Ombre Hair Color

No doubt Burgundy Ombre is one of the best hair colors for spring 2017. The burgundy red color will look very sexy and will give a reflective result. For those who want to get the maximum sunlight, it will be an excellent thing. It is the greatest thing to consider Burgundy for Ombre Technique. Yet you can choose several different options ranging from neon to amazing Mahogany.

Dark base colors always give vitality to your hairstyle. An amazing idea is to use dark cherry chocolate color at the base and ending up with deep cherry streaks. You can use loose ringlets at the left and back. If you will do it perfectly this hair color and style will look flawless.

Blue Hair Color Ideas

If you are fed up with traditional hair color then you can check some blue hair color ideas. Having this color need a lot of courage because you will never get the original strands back in monotones. It will be a good idea to combine dark shades with light shades to get a perfect hairstyle. The combination of blue with other colors like pink, purple and green will look amazing. You can mix this color with your natural blonde hair color.

This color technique will go bet for both light and dark skin completions. It will give a glowing spark to your eyes also. This color can be achieved with both permanent and temporary hair dyes. Go and add aqua blue waves to your hair strands to rock the world.

Platinum Blonde and White Hair Colors

White blonde hair colors will provide a super light hair color as a result. Most of the smart women having undertone skin choose platinum blonde and white hair color. These two colors will enhance your dirty blonde hair color and give you a brighter look overall. They are so cool shades that they will never make you look plain and boring at all. It’s totally your choice to use them as solid or to apply them as the highlight. You can also do Ombre technique with these two colors.

Awesome Hairstyles for Girls for 2017

Do you want to keep you up to date with the latest hairstyles for girls for 2017? This article will cover major hair style trends that will be famous in the year 2017. Many fashion shows have revealed hundreds of hairstyles that will represent the trend in 2017. Just read below and know all these latest hairstyle trends.

hairstyles for girls for 2017

Side Swept Hairstyle Trend

Side swept is the most frequently used feature for hairstyles for girls for 2017. Many models are adopting this hairstyle in fashion shows. Many fashion brands are experimenting with side swept hairstyle to create different looks for different face shapes and textures.

Braiding Hairstyles

The popularity of Braids will continue in the coming year and we can enjoy the imaginative braiding styles. These braiding hair styles keep on delighting us each year. Braids and pigtails have unique nice twists. Many fashion shows are now having models with nice pigtails and models closing the shows with large braids. Braiding can be done with side swept styles and many French braids are using scarves, ribbons, laces to feature big fashion brands.

Hairstyles with Wet Look

Many of the males and females are adopting this hairstyle. The combed back hair will give an out-of-shower look. It is an ultra modern hairstyle for female. Top fashion brands like Lanvin are having it. You will be amazed how popular this hairstyle would be but you can do it by applying some hair gel and combing straight back from the forehead.

Pony Tails

Ponytail like many years before will keep its place in 2017 as one of the best hairstyles. You can make it having all types of face shapes and personal hairstyles. An evening ponytail will look stunning if it has long bubbles. For casual looks, you can make a messy ponytail and you will love this funky idea. You can add different textures and colors to your ponytail.

Hair with Curls

You will look elegant with short hairstyles having curls. Hair can be given a side part with hair brushed towards the face on the left side and it is brushed back to expose the stylish earrings. Take perfect products to manage your hair perfectly. Curly twists look so cool whenever you wear them. They take the extra volume and look fancy. If you are searching for a hairstyle that which gives an outstanding texture then finger coils are the excellent ideas.

Thick Black Hairstyles

A Thick and long hairstyle which is braided into a two strand braid which are called twists. It gives an awesome natural appearance. This hairstyle will take more than a day to be recycled or going to a saloon. You can braid the hair at night and can loose them in the morning. Another trendy hairstyle can be brown in color and curly. Most of the black women have curly hair naturally so if you are one of those you can try gorgeously shaved on the sides designed with letters which usually looks like a Mohawk. But you have to shave only from the sides, not from the back.

The top EMO hairstyles for girls for 2017

Emo hairstyles are one of the emergent fashions in young girls and boys. The young people nowadays love to have emo hairstyles for the reason that it gives an amazing and eye catching look to your personality. If you are one of the people who are tired of the same look, you must try emo hairstyles for the reason that it gives an instant change to the personality as well as it also bring funkiness. In the current year, the emo hairstyles have become one of the most loved hairstyles across the world. There are wide varieties of emo hairstyles and you can choose the one of your choices from lots of available ones. Following are EMO hairstyles for girls for 2017.

EMO hairstyles for girls for 2017

Mermaid’s Aqua blue layered cut

The first emo cut on the top of the list is mermaid’s aqua blue layered cut. This haircut is best for the girls who have long hairs and don’t want to cut them for having an emo hairstyle. This hairstyle is very much popular in young girls as well as in aged ladies for the reason that it brings an instant amusing look. Especially it adds a refreshing look because of aqua blue color. You look like a fairy with this hairstyle. The most important thing to notice here is that you must maintain your hairs in a very good condition all the time i.e. keep your hairs conditioned for a shiny and dramatic look.

Long curly emo haircut

Like most of the people, who have got rid of straight hairs, you must try long curly emo haircut. In this sort of emo haircut, you need to make a combo of neutral highlights with brown, black or blonde colored hairs. All the involved layers are meant to be curled and you will have an amazing funky look.

Black emo voluminous teased hairstyle

This is one of the best and loved emo hairstyles in 2017. When you think about having a cute emo look, the first haircut that comes to mind is Black emo voluminous teased hairstyle. For all the pretty ladies who have thick and rich black hairs, this haircut is the perfect one, which will definitely give you a lavish look. For all the hairs on the top of the head, you need to blow dry them and dead straight the long hairs below your shoulder and forget to utilize the heat protective spray.

Fishtail braid emo hairstyle

This is one of the most amazing hairstyles that can give a wonderful look to almost everyone having long hairs. For this haircut, you need to make a fishtail to one side, wherever you want, and leave some strands of your hairs on the opposite side. This is simplest for those who know how to make a fishtail.

Black emo hairstyle with brown highlights

For all the gorgeous ladies who possess dark hairs, the addition of brown extensions will give you a funky and incredible look. For keeping your hairs jagged and edgy, have layers and prefer to keep the highlights light brown, especially if you have a fair complexion.

Trendy rose gold ombre hair for 2017

A hair color has a large impact on the entire look of an individual, as it can highlight some features while suppressing others. That is why every individual is looking for the best ever hair color. The trend of putting on hair colors is increasing every year and each year comes with a fascinating hair color. The most attractive and mesmerizing hair coloring technique for the year 2017 is ombre hair colors. The ombre hair color is getting famous over the past few years and it is not only famous among women but men also wear it. Apart from hair color, ombre is also used in many other fields such as industries or nail art graphic designing. The basic reason for its popularity is its precise technique with millions of different shades. Moreover, these shades give a very natural and fading effect. Ombre techniques are applied with many different colors. The most popular and enticing one is the rose gold ombre hair for 2017.

rose gold ombre hair for 2017

Rose gold ombre for 2017 needs little maintenance!

More often, a working woman or a man would find less time for styling. However, the ombre technique has made it easier with a long-lasting hair style. The rose ombre hair for 2017 is an emerging one because the experts applied it in a very subtle way that moves from the darker roots to the lighter tips. It is applied with a unique design that gives an amazing look to the dull or dry hairs.

Rose gold ombre for every hair type!

People with naturally dull and wavy hairs are usually concerned about their looks, as they believe that such hairs could not be styled well. However, the rose gold ombre technique is developed by experts for every sort of hairs from dead straight to curly hairs. Those hairs, when highlighted with a rose gold ombre, change the entire look of a person. It is the best option for people with either dark or light hairs.

How rose gold ombre hair is trendy for the year 2017?

The rose gold hair is ranked as the most attractive hair trends and it hits the entire social media. The famous celebrities are putting on this these ultra-feminine shades in various styles. People are actually inspired from the after-look of the rose gold ombre hair trend. The rose gold ombre hair for 2017 is the most appealing for brunettes as well and it suits every single individual.

Some Cool White Blonde Hair Color Trends for 2017

If you are looking for some white blonde hair colors for 2017 there will be many ideas so that you can dye your hair accordingly. White blond is a super feminine hair color and it represents your inspiring nature. You can find a shade in white blonde that suits well on your face complexion.

white blonde hair colors for 2017

Platinum Blonde and White Hair Colors

White blonde hair colors for 2017 will provide a super light hair color as a result. Most of the smart women having undertone skin choose platinum blonde and white hair color. These two colors will enhance your dirty blonde hair color and give you a brighter look overall. They are so cool shades that they will never make you look plain and boring at all. It’s totally your choice to use them as solid or to apply them as the highlight. You can also do Ombre technique with these two colors.

White Blonde Gorgeous Curls

White blond curls will look gorgeous of you have hair waves of shoulder length. No doubt it is the best option for multi-dimensional blonde hair.  It will give you an amazing look but regular touchups are very necessary. If you will not do so the blonde color will not look fresh. The roots that pop up will give a shadowy effect hence give your hair extra charm. This color combination is so amazing that you don’t have to worry about the grown up roots.

Experimenting with White Blonde colors

No doubt choosing a right color that suits your features and characteristic is a difficult task. Some women want to have a completely fresh hair color trend just to pull of the natural and some want to stay in the same color. The white blonde hair colors for 2017 are very trendy. If you want to have a change then you can wear this hair color. You can also consult with a hair color professional to know these colors will suit your complexion or not.

These colors are popular because they are giving you an additional feminine look. Like many two toned colors, this color is also very incredible. If you are going to add some waves these colors will give you gorgeous color combo. In 2017 white blonde will be the hottest trend. Many variations can be added to this color. Many redheads are also wearing this color scheme that looks so amazing.

A simple guide to emo haircuts for short hair

We want to follow every new trend and style. The young girls, as well as boys, are seen very much interested in following the latest trends. Nowadays, emo haircuts are one of the most fabulous and emerging hairstyles. This is one of the haircuts which gives you an instant funky look. These sorts of hairstyles help to change your personality within few minutes and win funkiness. All girls and boys are seen following this trend. If you also want to have a totally different look, you must try emo haircuts. There are three different sorts of emo cuts, for instance, short emo cuts, medium emo cuts as well as long emo cuts. For all the ladies who think emo hairstyles are really very difficult to adopt for them who have short hairs, it is not like that but the reality is really opposite. There are also lots of different emo haircuts for short hair. Actually, the fact is that if you want to have a funky and incredible look within no time, you must try emo haircuts for short hair, which are discussed below:

emo haircuts for short hair

Rainbow haircut for short hair

In this emo haircut, you use the color pattern of a rainbow. It gives an amazing and funky look to you. For all the ladies having a colorful personality and you want your haircut to match your personality, this haircut is the best option for you. To get the bright shade of every color, you will need to bleach all of your hairs in the lightest possible color. The last but not the least advice is that don’t forget to condition for maintaining shine and good health of your hairs.

Slate blue emo haircut for short hair

This is one of the attractive hairstyles and the most attractive feature of this haircut is that you have an amazing color shade i.e. slate blue on the top of your head. For all the ladies having light blue eyes, this haircut will give you n appealing as well as supreme look.

Red pixie cut for short hairs

If you don’t like too much maintenance for your hairs, these hairstyles are one of the best options for you. The violet, as well as red highlight with the brown base, gives you an incredible look.

Green emo haircut for short hair

This is the sort of emo haircut which is a heroic choice for the reason that you have all over green hairs but it looks astonishing. But this requires lots of maintenance as the green fades quickly.

Short purple haircut with highlights for short hairs

This is one of the very versatile emo haircuts. With little teasing and pomade, you can successfully have the best emo look with this haircut.

So, of you are bored of having the same sort of hairstyle and need a different look, you must try emo haircuts and especially if you have short hairs, all the haircuts defined above are the best options for you. It is not necessary to follow that exact haircut as given, but you create your own merely by getting an idea from the guide. So, have an amazing look with incredible emo haircuts and look different.

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