Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. The policy is created to provide information to the visitors that how our site use, share and protect the information we collect from various social media pages. The privacy policy applies to all visitors of the site from different countries.

Visitor use of sites shows the acceptance of the Privacy Policy and the consent of practices.

Collection information

The website does not collect any user information. A complete view of the site helps to serve the visitors in a better way. The customization settings can be changed with browser settings. The site merely intends to provide relevant information to users or visitors.

Information provided

The user may need to log in to the social account to comment or share the relevant article. When any user uses social account, then you may need to enter certain details. For Facebook users, Facebook will ask for the permission to share particular information. The similar patterns will be followed on Twitter, Instagram, and other websites.

Third party information

The website may receive visitor’s information with the assistance of third party data providers such as offline records, demographic data, and marketing. If any new third party site is linked to site, then notice will be mentioned on the main page.

Security maintains security and protects information of the users from any unauthorized use, destruction or disclosure. However, the website does not ensure to protect and safeguard the user information used by the associated third party. The site is authorized to provide information about the services and products relevant to hair color and styles. The information on our site cannot be sold, purchased or deleted.

Visitor’s Agreement

As long as the visitor is using website, visitors can opt-in to receive marketing offers and the information from site. The consent of the user will be asked to receive and share information with third party social sites including Twitter and Facebook. If any user agrees to share personal information with third party, then the information of user will subject to privacy policy of the concerned third party. Our website does not share information with other entities.

Privacy policy updates

Please remember that any change in the privacy policy will be updated on the main page. The changes will be implemented immediately and take effect without the consent of visitors. If you do not agree with our privacy policy, then it is best to stop using our website.

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