Stay glamorous with blue-black hairstyle ideas

The rainbow hair tones have started the trend of blue-black hairstyle ideas.  The women are dyeing their hair to lock the style with bright, fun hair colors. Light violets, fierce reds, and pastel pinks are all over the social platforms, but women nowadays prefer blue-black tones to look daring and impressive. If you are planning to change the hair color, then try the fabulous shades and dye your hair.

  • Blue shine

If you want an exotic shine of blue shade over the black hair, then pair the tones with a simple bob cut. It will enhance your beauty and will make a bold statement. It goes amazing with the soft pale tone of skin. Make sure that the texture of hair is straight and density must be thick to have a classic bob. If you want to keep the blue hue for a longer time, then use sulfate free conditioner and shampoo. It will support the blue in almost every wash.

  • Blue and black stripes

This hair color and cut gives a bold blue statement if you highlight the peak with the brunette base along with black. Your hair color will surely grab the attention. The tone and cut will look best on the light and medium skin tones. The hair shade looks best if you have cute asymmetrical cut. The texture of hair needs to be perfect in style and must have a wavy texture.

  • Lovely with long

If you want to add a slight blue tone to hair, then a nice shine will add fun if you step out in the sun. The shade and hue are perfect for winters and looks gloomy in summer. Medium complexion suits best, but the texture of hair needs to be straight of fringy. The soft wavy style looks best. You can use a curling wand to wrap your hair from ends.

  • Party Hairstyle

The messy style is perfect for every type of occasion. The messy style looks pulled up and needs perfect hair to be hanged down on the forehead. It needs to be paired with jet-black and blue. One of the great blue-black hairstyle ideas is very seductive. You can enhance your appearance even in a crowd. The style and hair hues look amazing if n deep purple. Make sure that your hair is perfectly straight. Pull the hair back in loose ponytail then frame your face and wrap the rest hair with pins to secure the hairstyle

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