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5 Top 2017 hair color trends for brunettes

If a hair color is carried properly then it imparts a sizzling look. Bunetts are the women or girls have dark brown hair. Hair colors are used to increase the beauty of your look. If these are not carried properly then it can ruin your appearance. You will be the center of all eyes but in negative way. Once you know how to carry the hair color in the perfect manner then you are half way to the street of sizzling impression. Always keep in mind that hair color should be applied in the natural way. It must not look odd to your appearance. Some ideas of 2017 hair color trends for bunettes are given below.

2017 hair color trends for bunettes

1. Golden Brown hair color

If you want to attain a flattering impression then you select light brown golden color for your hair. It is suitable for all complexions and offers timeless beauty to green and blue eyes. It will offer you a youthful and radient impression to your personality. Add golden highlights and layers with chestnut brown base to your impressive look. Select champagne, taupe, brown and tans for making your eyes wider. Apply a layer of camel shadow. It will look sizzling.

2. Chocolate Brown

Deep Chocolate is the right choice for your dark brown hair. It looks quite natural. Add extra shone to your beautiful hair color. It is perfect for fair complexion. It holds the splendor of your charisma. It is an excellent way to attain soft look in a trendy way. This is the hair color that is extremely trendy and super stylish. Chocolate brown, Khaki colored shadow, grey shades and white color according to the style of you dress. You will feel like a princess in the function due to the proper use of the color for blue eyes.

3. Dark Coffee Brown

Dark brown and Dark coffee brown are the best matches. Hold you magnificence with this hair color. You will be the center of all eyes. Make your hair wavy by putting curls into it. It imparts soft and sweet look to your personality. You can add few chocolate brown overtones to it. It will bring your locks to life dynamically. It has a perfect match to offer an affluent shimmer.

4. Deep Wine red

Brunettes have blessed with dark brown hair naturally. It is the soul partner of deep red wine. It means you can do streaking of this red shade and hold the splendor of your personality. Three quarter illusion sleeves with an illusion boat-neck neckline help you to deliver the regal impression by using these colors. It completes your fairytale look.

5. Rich Espresso Brown

It is a bold and intense hair color is the best idea of 2017 hair color trends for bunettes. It is suitable for darker complexions. Streaking of two mahogany brown to the bangs is another option for brunettes. It adds erotic final touch to your hairstyle.

These trendy hair colors are highly suitable for the ladies to offer real glam.

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