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How To Apply Green Hair For 2017

As the trends are changing, different fashion and styles are emerging to get a different and stylish look.  Mostly girls like to dye them with different colors when there is an event coming especially Halloween, wedding or some other party. Nowadays, different colors are taking place of natural brown or black shades. Green hair for 2017 one of them. Ladies love to have their color with mint green hues or complete green color hair. Although, the color is unusual and requires special tips and tricks to give the balanced and stylish look to the personality.

green hair for 2017

Green hair: Getting ready

Before one decides to apply the green hair dye on the hair it is important to wear an apron or rough shirt to avoid staining the neat clothes. A sit is not easy to remove the stains from the clothes and it can cause damage to the dress because of the presence of the chemicals.

Analyze the hair color

It is an important factor before dying. For dark hairs, there is a need of bleach so that the hair color gives the good quality as without bleaching dark color hair does not get satisfactory color change.

Care while bleaching

Bleach is the strong chemical and can cause damage to the hair. When one decides to bleach the hair, it is important that he or she must not wash hair seven to eight days before bleaching. This is because the natural oil from hair can protect the hairs from getting damage due to the presence of the bleaching agent. To get the best result, it is important to read the instruction present with a bleach bottle and apply it for 15 to 20 minutes to get better hair striping.

Hair dyeing

After the bleaching process, the next step is to apply green color on the hairs. If one wants to have the pure green hair, then there is no need of mixing of another color with it. The expert mixes it with the blue color if the person needs less green or mint green color. More the blue dye less is the green effect on hairs.

Maintaining green hair color

Mainatainace of special hair color is a tricky task. One with green hair for 2017 color must avoid blow drying frequently as the heat can fade the color. The other way to keep dye for a long time is to wash hair once in a week otherwise the dye will wash off easily. Giving a frequent touch of the dye to the hair also helps to maintain the hair color for a longer period.

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