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Hair Colors for Thin Hair for 2017

Every woman wants to have a perfect hair color to look more stylish. Having thin hair is really a big problem. In this case, you want a hair color that is able to hide the visible roots of your hair and to give them a volumes and fuller look. You have to make careful decision to choose the right hair color for your thin hair and also a color that matches your skin tone. In this article, you will find some hair color tips that will make you thin hair more elegant and incredible.

Experimenting with Dark Hair Colors

The best way is to dye your hair with any darker shade of black and brown. This is a god technique and is adopted by ladies who have natural dark locks. It will make your hair more shiny and fresh. Doing this will completely hide your roots and it will give a full effect. You can choose any darker shade of brown and black like chocolate, espresso, and coffee colors. If you apply monotone hair color then it will be better as compared to applying two tone hair colors. Regular touch-ups are required to maintain the shine of the hair.

The Incredible Red Color for Thin Hair

Same like brown and black, when we talk about the red color you also need to choose dark colors. Some most beautiful options for thin hair can be auburn, dark copper color, and Burgundy. They are very rich color and they will provide fullness and volume to your hair. These shades of red are very eye-catching and they can make your hair styles more incredible. It is better to use after color conditioners and color protection shampoos to maintain the health of hair after dye.

Applying Light Hair Colors for Thin Hair

Light hair colors always highlight the thinness of your hair but these are many tricks with which you can make your hair look fuller. The thin effect is more visible on top of heads in the roots. You can dye hair roots darker and the ends with a light color. A clear example is below in the picture.

Highlights and Thin Hair

For thin hair, it is the most beneficial technique. You can do all types of slicing colors. You can give a modern touch to your hair by choosing some complementing tones. No doubt highlights serve as a great weapon to hide the thinness of your hair.

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