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Things To Consider For Metal Hair Colors

Metal hair colors for 2017 are taking place of simple hair dyes because of its shine and elegance. People are in love to have these shiny hair colors. Different shades are present in metal hair colors like blue, gray, purple and bronze. All have their own beauty but depends on the natural hair color and face tone. Although they provide different looks to the hair but there are some factors which are important to consider. Otherwise, after its application, it may disappoint or hurts if the color does not suit.  Some of the important things or facts one should consider before applying metal hair colors for 2017 are as following

Metal hair colors for 2017

Natural texture of hairs

The first thing which one can focus on the application of the dye is to look upon the hair color naturally present and the type of hair that is silky or curly. These factors are important and play an important role in providing the best look after the girl applies the metallic dye on her hairs. This is important because it can give the idea that what type and shade will work best.

If the color of hair is naturally light or one has experience of ash tones then it is easy to judge the right metal shade for hairs. For the dark hair color ladies, it is best to check the test dye for the compatibility with her face tone.

Bleaching of hair

In order to avoid bleach, as it is harmful to hairs, the women with dark hairs can prefer purple, emerald or dark blue shades for this purpose, otherwise they have to bleach the hair to first cut down the natural shade. After bleaching, they can get the best light metallic shade on the hairs.

Application through the expert hairdresser

As the metallic dyes involves the mixing of different shades and need care while applying on hairs. It is important that one should prefer to apply dye with the help of an expert who has complete knowledge about the dye and their application. The self-application may cause incorrect merging of dye which may give ugly look at the end. So the expert can apply according to the type, length, volume and the shades of the hairs.

So if one decides to have metal hair color, it is important to consider all these facts so that after the application, the shade add an extra elegance, shine, and beauty, not to the hair but make overall personality decent and pretty.

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