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Short layered hair for 2017

No one can deny this fact that the shape and look of our hairs plays an important part in defining our looks. In different countries, the beauty and its standards consummate the shape, size, and color of the hairs. That’s why special care becomes the prime advice for maintaining the freshness and outlook of the hairs.

Modern trends have now given the new options of attaining a fashionable look. The short layered hair is becoming popular for various reasons. Light weight and ease to maintain them in original look are some prominent reasons behind its popularity.

You can go for the short layered hairs in different styles. Among other hair styles, there is also a wide range of short layered hairstyle. Some most popular and trendy short layered hairstyles are mentioned below.

Short layered hair for 2017

1. Light brown ombre bob short layered hair

This short layered hairstyle is best for attaining a beautiful and trendy look. The light brown ombre bob hairstyle can be attained by the implementation of the mixture of dark and light brown. The few black layered hairs help to keep the tresses out of the face.

2. Blonde boy cut

This is one of the updated pixie-cut. This cut allows the very short hairs on the base which are brushed forward. The front quiff which adds height for flattering a single round make this short layered more trendy and gives it a smart look. Moreover, the contemporary finishing touch is pinky-beige root along with silver blonde tips.

3. Graduated bob with brown layers and blonde highlights

This short layered hairstyle is most popular and give prominent results when applied to super thick hairs. To give a “bouffant” look, shorter layers towards to the middle of the back are added. This hairstyle completes with the addition of some light brown layers. At the end, the blonde ones are kept at the top of them.

4. Loose waves bob along with three-tone colors

Loose waves bob short layered hairs with the amalgamation of the three different shades is the best hairstyle to attain in 2017. This short layered hairstyle gives a thicker appearance than it actually is. Moreover, the natural look is a plus point in attaining this hairstyle.

5. Short A-Line hair cut with copper-colored choppy boobs

You must go for this short layered hairstyle if you want to have a shorter hairstyle which is not super short. This hairstyle is best for thick straight hairs.

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