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Smokey lilac hair trends are taking place of simple pastel colors. Like the change in dressing trends the hair color and shades are also changing with time. The new generation needs special color effects on hair to look unique and stylish. The color has variations and applied in different forms to give a beautiful impression.  Smokey lilac hair is the mixture of gray and purple shades. The presence of two colors with the natural hair color provides the beauty to the personality. Young girls prefer to have this dye because it gives them new stylish look. The boys are also preferring to have these shades on hair as well as some highlights on beards also. Some of the latest trends for this special hair color is as following.


Just a hint

Different ladies like a different look. Some like to apply the dye on complete hairs while other wants just a hint or touch. In this case, the smoky lilac color is present on the tips of the hair with the rest of hair with natural tone. So some purple shade with the black natural hair color simply makes the personality stunning and amazing.

Curly locks

The girl with the curly hair can make herself stylish by adding the shade of lilac smoke color on the spirals of the hair. This gives an elegant look to the hair due to double shades of the hairs. No hair color is present on roots. This tie and die curls increase the confidence and style in the personality.

Mixing with other colors

Sometimes there is an issue that either the shade will suit or not. To get rid of this query one can mix with other shade or have alternative hue to get a more prominent look. Usually, the blue color is combined with lilac shades to make hair look beautiful.


Highlights are another idea of shading the hairs. Although of this type, there is not the complete dyeing of hair. The expert dyes few strands of the hairs to accent the personality.

Purple plaits

In this type, there are various trends are present all together that is with the purple shades, braids and curls are present for styling up the hair look.

Smokey ombre

It is the mixture of light and dark shades. In this case, the top of the head is dark while the light shade is present on the bottom parts.

The proper application of the lilac smokey hair dye is important so it is better to get the hair variation through an expert who has complete knowledge of hair dye application and its handling.

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