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Balayage Technique For Tiger Eye” Hair Colors For 2017

Balayage technique is a special phenomenon of applying hair colors. It gives a natural and soft look to the hairs. It is the French word that means to sweep or paint. It is the technique in which the hair dye is applied to the hairs in lines or streaks form.  There is no spreading of the color throughout the hair. Tiger eye hair colors are in trend nowadays. The name tiger eye is not due to the shades present on animals but it depicts the gemstone shades. These shades are red, gold, brown, bronze, caramel and copper. These dyes are vibrant and lustrous. The application of these colors through Balayage technique gives the shiny, warm and gorgeous blend.

Balayage Technique For Tiger Eye” Hair Colors For 2017

Tiger eye hair colors: a technique to apply

In order to apply any dye, the hairdresser follows following steps to give the natural impact to the hairs.

Purchasing a correct dye

There are a number of brands available in the market. As the hairs are sensitive it is important to purchase the right brand so that it will not cause any harm to the hair or skin.

Balayage technique

The next step is the application of the dye. This technique is now in trend. The hairdresser applies dye on the hair in the way that there is saturation on tips while the rest of head has a color that gives softer look instead of harsh highlights. There is no need to use foil, it is the free hand dye technique.

Test dye

It is a good idea before applying a dye on the whole head. It gives an indication how the color will develop on hair. As well as sometimes, the chemical present in dye cause an allergic reaction. To overcome this issue, the person can apply dye on few hair strands to check either the dye suits on the head skin or not. As there are different shades present in tiger eye hair dye type so it is good if one check the dye suits on the face tone or not.

Making section of hairs

Balayage technique is an organic and free hand phenomenon. Although no special way is present but making hair section can help in the uniform painting of the hairs. The section procedure depends on that how thick the hair volume is present. For heavy hairs divide into three portions while for thin volume two portions are enough.

Dye application

After making portions, the person starts applying with small strands so that there is a uniform merging of the dye on the hairs. After the complete dye application, the color is allowed to dry and then wash to get the cool new hair color and style.

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